High Performance Option Info:

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Pursue your elite activity and academic goals while staying connected to your Regina Catholic High School.

Learning Online works with a student's high school to create a flexible schedule that is a combination of online and in school courses. This allows students involved in high performance activities the opportunity to attend their Regina Catholic Schools High School and the flexibility to pursue their elite activity.

Why Regina Catholic Schools and Learning Online?

  • Regina Catholic Schools Learning Online has provided distance education opportunities since 2009. Over 50 courses are offered in Business Education, Catholic Studies, Humanities, Mathematics, Physical Education, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Technology.

  • Learning Online courses are asynchronous online courses. This means that students are able to work through their classes at their own pace and have flexibility as to where and when they work on their course material.

  • Learning Online is a continuous intake online program, which allows for flexible start and completion dates.

  • Learning Online works with Regina Catholic high schools to create a schedule of combined online and face-to-face courses, providing flexibility to train while meeting academic goals.

  • Learning Online's asynchronous courses allow students in high performance activities the freedom to work on courses where and when it fits into a training and competition schedule.

  • Online summer courses are available to provide students with additional opportunities to earn credits and increased flexibility in their schedule.

  • Select French Immersion courses can be taken through Learning Online. Students can work towards their French Immersion designation while participating in high performance activities.

  • Students can benefit from all of the curricular and extra-curricular opportunities provided by their Regina Catholic high school and use Learning Online courses to provide flexibility in their schedule. Students do not have to choose between their school and the ability to pursue athletic or other high performance/elite activities that involve intense schedules and significant demands on time.

High Performance Course Options

High Performance Courses teach the curricular outcomes and objectives through the lens of sport and other high performance activities. Students will be able to make connections between their course content and their experiences in their elite activity pursuits.

RCSD High Performance courses include Psychology 20, Health Science 20, and Life Transitions 30.

Registration Process

​Students in grade 9 to​ 12 are eligible to register for online courses with Learning Online.

Learning Online will work with schools to create a schedule of online and in-person classes.  Students can complete the registration form and select High Performance Program.    Registration opens in March.

Out of Division Students

​Students who do not attend a Regina Catholic High School are eligible to take classes with Learning Online. There is a $500/course tuition for students attending school in another school division. Contact ​learningonline@rcsd.ca for more registration details.