These resources will support face-to-face teachers using Moodle in a blended classroom.

Guidelines for Using Moodle in a Face-to-Face Classroom

In addition to these guidelines, it is a reminder that teachers are responsible to reset their own courses at the end of each semester. A course reset only withdraws students and clears student work.  It does not delete any of the course information or assignments. After a reset, teachers are responsible to delete their own participants (students) as well. 

Within one Moodle Course, duplication of tasks and using the groups function is encouraged if you have more than one period/class per semester taking the same course.Ie. Period 1 - History 10 and Period 4 History 10 students would be enrolled into the same course in Moodle.

Moodle Usernames and Passwords - Student Document

Finding the Self-Enrollment Code

How to Reset Course Data and Student Work

How to Delete Participants in a Course

Duplicate Courses

Duplication of multiple courses will not be processed unless out of necessity.  Teachers are encouraged to duplicate assignments or tasks within one course and restrict access to them via the Groups function in Moodle. Restricting access can be set up in Groups (Periods/Classes). For Example, if you have Period 1 and Period 4 - History 10, you use the same course in Moodle, but certain tasks are only accessible to specific periods/classes. Please see the tutorial below for more information.

How to Restrict Access to Tasks using Groups