Upon receiving your registration, Learning Online will send a confirmation email.  Both the student and home contact will also receive an email with a link to Learning Online's electronic user agreements.  These agreements must be completed before a student will have access to a course.  If you do not receive these emails, check your junk or spam folders in your email.

Once a registration is processed a student will receive an email stating their course selection has been approved.

Getting Started

On the course start date, students will receive an email with username and password information as well as instructions on how to access the course.  Additional startup documents and an orientation video can be found on our homepage.  

Working in Your Course

At the top of each course, students will see due dates that are based on the month they started the course.  Students should use this timeline as a guide to help pace their course completion.  The due dates will turn from white to yellow to red if they are not submitted on time and will turn green, once they are complete.  Students should expect to spend approximately 5 hours per week working on their course and are able to work ahead of these due dates and complete the course early.  

Courses are asynchronous, this means students are able to work on their course wherever and whenever they have an internet connection.  It is recommended that students set a dedicated time and place each school day to work on their online course.

Learning Online courses are comprised of a variety of activities, resources and assessments.  Students can expect to read notes, complete lessons, participate in forums, write journals, submit assignments, and complete quizzes throughout the course.  Students should access all course content, not just items that are for grades.  It is important that students work through the course in order and meet all of the completion criteria.

Teacher Support

Learning Online has teachers at all four Regina Catholic High Schools as well as teaching staff at Vanier Collegiate in Moose Jaw.  These onsite teachers can support students with general Learning Online questions, such as how to complete and submit an assignment.  Students are able to reach out to their Learning Online teacher via email with course specific questions.  Each Learning Online teacher also host virtual office hours outside of the school day where they are available to support students and answer questions.


Learning Online courses are linked to a student's My School Sask account.  Students are able to see marks for face-to-face and online classes all in the same account.   Students who are outside of the division or new to Regina Catholic can contact Learning Online for grade book access information.  

Students will also receive mark reports emailed from Learning Online.  These will be sent out periodically throughout the semester and provide a snapshot of where a student is in their Learning Online course.

Final Assessments

All Learning Online courses have a final assessment.  All final exams will be written on site and supervised by Learning Online teachers.  More information about final exams and projects, including a schedule can be found at:

Students who complete courses early, must contact their teacher two weeks prior to completing the course to arrange a time for a final exam.