Active Engagement Practice - High School

It is an expectation of Learning Online that students will actively engage in their online course. Active engagement is regularly logging in and completing coursework.

Levels of Engagement
Actively Engaged Student - logs into a course on a regular basis (average 5 hours per week)
- accesses course content or instructional material
- contacts course instructor when they have questions or need clarification
- completes and submits assessment according to the set timeline in the course
Moderately Engaged Student - logs into course irregularly (less than an average of 5 hours per week)
- accesses some course material, but skips or misses parts of the course content
- does not reach out to the instructor when in need of clarification and only communicates when contacted by instructor
- completes and submits assessment, but is behind the pace of the course or does not submit all required tasks
Disengaged Student - does not log in for a period of 5 or more days or logs in without engaging in content
- accesses minimal course content
- does not reach out to instructor and does not respond to emails from instructor or Learning Online
- completes minimal assessments and is significantly behind the pace of the course with many incomplete assignments

Engagement will be tracked by course progress.  Weekly progress reports will be sent to all students.  When a student falls behind, they can expect the following interventions.

Consecutive Inactive School Days


25% + behind course progress (first week) Principal will email student, and include home and school contact, about course attendance.  The student must become active or be suspended.

25% + behind course progress (second week)


The student account is suspended and the Principal will reach out to student and home contact requesting an intervention meeting.