What does it mean for an assignment to be marked complete?

Completion settings are used in Moodle to both keep track of what is handed in and to unlock future tasks.  Tasks can be complete either manually by the student or automatically when a student meets the criteria for the task.  The video linked here explains more about completions settings in Moodle.

I have handed in my assignment, why is it not showing complete in my progress bar?

The completion setting for each task type is different and some options are set by the program and we cannot change them.  For example, an assignment may be marked complete once it is submitted, but a journal only has the option to be marked complete once the teacher marks it.

Why do I have assignments due on a weekend?

The due dates for a task are relative to your course start date and the number of days a task will take to complete.  Due to this, some dates fall on weekends or even holidays.  If this is the case, the official due date will be the next school day.

My Teacher marked my assignment.  Where can I find the feedback?

Assignment feedback can be found by clicking on the assignment and scrolling to the bottom.  In addition to the grade and rubric, a teacher may also provide written feedback, a feedback file, and audio feedback.  The video linked here explains more about feedback.

Where can I find important dates for Learning Online classes?

A list of important dates can also be at the bottom on the home page.

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