​Learning Online offers French Immersion Courses in the Learning Online Summer Program only.  These classes can be used towards the 12 French Immersion credits required to obtain bilingual status upon graduation.

French Immersion Classes

  • ​Histoire 10
  • Histoire 20
  • Français Intégré A20
  • Transitions dans la vie 30

Histoire 10 -  (Prerequisite Sciences Sociales 9) - Students develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to appreciate the past, understand the present, and influence the future. The theme of this course is social organizations. Within this theme, students will study politics, economics, nationalism, international trade, and international relations in a historic setting. The periods of The Enlightenment, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Nineteenth Century Nationalism, Imperialism, and the prelude to World War I will be used to illustrate a variety of global concepts.

Histoire 20   (Prerequisite Histoire 10) - This course examines the major personalities, issues, forces and events that have shaped the 20th Century. We study concepts such as change, ideology, nationalism, imperialism, and collective security. Specific topics include Russian Revolution, World War I, totalitarian regimes, World War II, the Cold War, Arab-Israeli relations, and current world affairs.

Français Intégré A20 - This course provides students the opportunity to use and practice their French language skills while working through modules.  The modules that are included in Français Intégré A20 are la sociologie and le cinéma.

​Transitions dans la vie 30 - The aim of Transitions dans la vie 30 is to enable the student to acquire and refine the knowledge, skills and abilities to plan and enhance the student's personal health, family life, community life, and career development. This will assist in effectively managing the change encountered in the transitions students will face throughout life.​