The purpose of this document is to provide a brief overview of Learning Online practices, policies, and supports as a guide for tutorial teachers supporting Learning Online Students.

Login: Moodle uses the same username and password as a student’s RCSD account. Moodle only allows usernames that are 20 characters or less – students with longer names will only use the first 20 characters including periods and hyphens.

Course Format: Although each course will be different based on instructor and content, all courses follow a similar format of instruction and assessment. All assessment is completed on the computer, with the exception of the mathematics finals, which are paper and pencil tests.

Active Engagement Practice: It is an expectation that Learning Online students log into and actively work on their classes on a regular basis. Students should expect to spend a minimum of five hours each week working on their class. Students who do not, will be contacted by the class teacher and could be in violation of the Active Engagement Practice. More Information can be found here.

Due Dates: Learning Online provides due dates to help students pace themselves as they work through a course. After a due date passes, NHI will be entered into the gradebook so students can see where they are compared to where they should be.

Technical Issues: If a student experiences a technical error, they can visit the Help Desk to report an incident or to browse for a solution. The Help Desk is in the student section of our homepage and linked here.

General Support: If a student has a “how to” question or requires general support, they can visit the Preparation Course. The Preparation Course has a series of “how to” videos and documents. The Preparation course is in the student section of our homepage and linked here.

Course Specific Questions: If students have a course specific question, they should send an email their teacher. Since our students do not have the same contact as in the face-to-face world, it is encouraged that the student reach out to their teacher if they have questions or need support. Emailing their teacher promotes academic independence and helps students build their communication skills.

Learning Online teachers are available during their Learning Online designated time via Microsoft Teams.  These times will be posted in each course and are an excellent opportunity for students to connect with their teachers.