Learning Online offers support courses to aid students in preparing for the Advance Placement Computer Science exam.  RCSD students must register in one of the following two options in order to write the AP Computer Science exam.  These options are both offered in the second semester and can be taken in addition to a full course load.

Option One: Robotics and Automation 30 AP Prep (1 Credit) 

This for credit course prepares students for the AP Computer Science exam and provides them with a PAA 30: Robotics and Automation credit.  Students will learn to code with Java to prepare them for the AP exam as well as build and program a robot that they will be able to keep.  There is a $125 course fee for the robotics kits.

Option Two: AP Computer Science Tutorial Course (Non-Credit)

This non-credit tutorial support will guide students through online modules that introduce students to Java and prepare them for the AP Computer Science exam.

To be eligible to take Robotics and Automation 30 AP Prep or the AP Computer Science Tutorial Course, students must have completed Computer Science 30 or be registered to concurrently take Computer Science 30 along with these Preparation Courses.  Learning Online offers a separate section of Robotics and Automation 30 for students who are not writing the AP Computer Science exam.

Students wishing to register in either of these courses can complete an online registration form.