Program Overview: 

  • Unlike supplemental learning, this fully online option will cover the entire curriculum and all assignments and projects will be expected to be turned in and will be assessed.

  • All learning will be delivered through Learning Online using Moodle Learning Management System. 
  • Students will be expected to attend virtually and participate in classes on a daily basis, following a set class schedule. 
  • Students will need to have consistent access to technology throughout the school day to participate in classroom activities. 
  • Class content will be a combination of live lessons and pre-created content.  Students will interact with the teacher throughout the day using Microsoft Teams, which will be integrated into the Moodle classroom.
  • Students will have access to additional print material.
  •  Programming will be available for grades 1 to 8.   
  • All classes are in English.

Registration Process:

Registration information for the 2021 - 2022 school year will be available in May 2021.