Final Exams

With the recent increase in Covid cases we have decided to shift the plan for Learning Online finals.  To support in-person finals, we had planned for 12 different exam opportunities over 8 days at 6 different locations.  This plan would have required students to spend an extended amount of time in contact with students and staff outside of their regular cohorts.  As a result, we have decided to proctor our final exams virtually using Teams.  The dates and times of our finals will not change, just the location; students will be able to complete their exam online, at home. 

 Updated Final Exam Process:

  • Students who have not already done so, need to sign up for a date and time for their final exams.  This can be completed using the link:  Students must sign up no later than Monday, January 10.  Students who have already completed this process do not need to do it again. 
  • Prior to the final, students will be sent a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting for their final as well as additional information about completing the final exam online. 
  • All exams must be completed while being virtually proctored in Teams.  Each exam will be set to open at the assigned time and will require a unique password that will only be shared during the exam session.  Students will be required to complete the exam while in the Teams meeting.  Through the duration of the final, cameras must remain on and students must remain in view.

 Semester One:

Wednesday, January 12 (3:45 to 6:15) 

Thursday, January 20 (12:45 to 3:15) 

Saturday, January 22 (1:30 to 4:00) 

Sunday, January 23 (1:30 to 4:00) 

Monday, January 24 (3:45 to 6:15) 

Tuesday, January 25 (12:45 to 3:15) 

Tuesday, January 25 (3:45 to 6:15) 

Wednesday, January 26 (3:45 to 6:15) 

Final Projects Due: Tuesday, January 25 at 3:30 p.m.


Semester Two :

Sunday, June 19 (9:30 to 12:00 and 1:30 to 4:00) - Holy Rosary School

Monday, June 20 (3:45 to 6:15) - LeBoldus Catholic High School and O'Neill Catholic High School

Tuesday, June 21 (3:45 to 6:15) - Miller Catholic High School and Riffel Catholic High School

Wednesday, June 22 (3:45 to 6:15) - Holy Rosary School

Thursday, June 23 (3:45 to 6:15) - Holy Rosary School

Final Projects Due: Wednesday, June 22 at 3:30 p.m.