Online learning provides students some freedoms and autonomy in their education. This freedom does mean that students will need to take more responsibility for their education in an online course. Parents and guardians also play an important role in supporting online education. Since online education is new to many students and parents, here are some ways that parents can get involved and support their Learning Online Student.

Set a plan as to where and when your student will work on their online course.

  • It is important that students regularly log into and work on their online course. Some students may be scheduled into a tutorial to provide a space to work on their online courses. Other students will have a block of time set aside in their schedule to work on their online class. Discuss with your student where and when they plan on working on their course. Students who do not have a plan, are at risk of using this time as a spare and not productive work time.

Ask your student about their course and where they are compared to the outlined due dates.

  • Learning Online courses have due date guidelines that help students successfully complete their course work on time. Check with your student to see where they are compared to these due dates. If your Learning Online Student has fallen behind the pace of the course, help them set a plan as to how they will get caught up. The sooner they are back on pace, the less stress they will experience later in the course.

Encourage your student to reach out to their teacher if they need help or have a question.

  • Learning Online teaching staff are available to support students as they work through their course. Teachers are willing to support students via email, Teams, and in-person.

Check student progress regularly Weekly.

Each week, progress reports are emailed home to students and parents.  If your student is behind, discuss with them a plan to get back on track.