High School Conference Information

April 7, 2022

Learning Online conference sign up will take place between April 1 and 6.

To sign up for conferences with the following teachers, please follow the instructions below: Mitchell Bresciani, Nicole Chase, Ryan Gallagher, Tammie Milo, Nicole Mohr, and Michelle Phair. This conferences will take place virtually using Microsoft Teams.

Conference Sign Up Information and Link

Some Learning Online teachers are also attached to other high schools, to book conferences with these teachers, you will need to sign up using the conference manager for the school they are attached to. These conferences can take place either in-person or virtually.

Nathan Birrell (LeBoldus) - Sign Up Link

Stephan Beskowiney and Brianna Wark (O'Neill) - Sign Up Link

Kevin Baron (Miller) - Sign Up Link

Rose Marie Dornstauder (Riffel) - Sign Up Link

To book conferences with Leanne Meili or Samantha Douglas, please email these teachers to arrange an opportunity to discuss your child's progress.

Elementary Conference Information


November 24 and 25 (3:45 to 7:30) 

Conference Manager will be open from November 15 to 22.  Instructions on how to book are linked below.

March 23 and 24 (3:45 to 7:30)

Elementary Conferences will be virtual and take place via Microsoft Teams.  Additional information will be provided two weeks prior to conferences.

Conference Booking Instructions

How to Join a Teams Meeting as a Guest