RCSD High School students wishing to register for Learning Online classes can do so using our online form found here.

Before an RCSD student enrollment is officially processed, base-school administrators must approve the registration. Students will receive notification when their enrollment is approved.

After Learning Online receives your registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you.  Students and parents/ guardians will also receive an email with learner agreements.  These agreements must be completed before students are placed in a class.  If you do not receive these emails, please contact learningonline@rcsd.ca.​

As semester start gets closer, registered students should check our website for start-up dates and the dates of student orientations.  On the first day of the semester, students will receive information on how to access their online class.

Registrations received after the start of the semester, may have up to a 9-business hour wait-time between when the registration submission and when an account is set up and a student is able to access their online class. ​​

*Course availability for adult students and out of division students may be limited to accommodate the learning needs of Regina Catholic Schools students.  Students not currently enrolled with Regina Catholic Schools who wish to register for a class, must email learningonline@rcsd.ca to confirm program availability prior to completing an online registration form.