This year, Learning Online will be tracking grades right on our site.  Only final course grades will appear in MSS.

Accessing Course Grades:

Individual task grades will appear in the progress bar at the top of each course.  When a task is overdue, a 0 will be entered into the gradebook.  Students will have 1 month to complete and submit overdue tasks.

After a task is 1 month overdue, it will close and students will no longer be able to submit the task.  The progress bar will change colour to reflect this.  Blue means that a task will be closing in 5 days and black represents tasks that are closed.

Calculated grades can be found on the under the Grades Tab on the left side of the course.

Weekly Progress Reports:

Each Wednesday, students and parents/guardians will be emailed a copy of the course progress report.  This report will show the due dates, what has been submitted, individual task grades, and an overall course grade.