Within the Catholic tradition, we have teachings and writings that can provide us guidance for how we live online.  Catholic Social Teaching presents the priorities of Solidarity, Dignity of the Human Person, Justice and the Sanctity of Life. By applying these principles to how we engage and interact with social media, we  can become more mindful of our neighbor. 

It starts with educating our students about on-line environments to which they are connected, looking at ways that promote gospel values and faith in their on-line interactions. The scripture passage of the Good Samaritan urges us to answer a call  to live out compassion and respect for others. As our students learn how to interact in this online world, they will go on to be more than just upstanding citizens, but instead compassionate disciples of Christ. Reaching out to those who are left behind or are marginalized in the digital frontier. Empowered to do more than just look out for their own digital footprint, but instead be there to be witnesses of Christ in all spaces.  

To support grade 7/8 teachers in preparing our students for the frontier, they will be able to access this interdisciplinary Digital Citizenship lessons. These blended learning lessons will help create the conditions for nurturing our students as disciples of Christ in all spaces.