Students can submit a file (Word, PDF, jpeg, PowerPoint, etc…) or type in an online textbook.

Teachers can assess by adding comments, using a rubric, or a marking guide.



There are a variety of question types including, multiple choice, true or false, matching, and essay.

All questions, except essay, are auto-marked.  Quizzes can be timed or untimed and teachers can control feedback and navigation.



Students respond to a prompt in a textbook.  Students are able to go back into their journal and add to their responses.



Students can create discussions and reply to posts.  There is a time delay between posting and others seeing it.  Students can edit and delete their own posts.  Teachers are able to edit and delete student posts.


Interactive Content

Create a variety of formative assessments using this feature, including hotspots, drag and drops, fill in the blanks, interactive videos, and memory games.




Lessons provide students with information and assess learning using multiple choice, true or false, matching or essay questions.


Students complete a variety of survey questions and the data from the results can be shared instantaneously with the class.



This is a single page of information, which can include images, external links, and embedded content.  

External Link

This is a direct link to external content.


Labels are information that appear on a course page.  There is no other information or activity attached.

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