Learning Online Virtual Proctoring Instructions - Students

Before the Exam

-          Students will sign up for a time to complete their final exams.  All final exams, with the exception of mathematics, will be proctored using Microsoft Teams.  Mathematics exams will be written in person.

-          Prior to the exam, students will be sent an invite to a Teams Meeting.  This invite will be sent to the students RCSD email account.  Students can access their RCSD email account by logging in at https://portal.office.com.  The username is firstname.lastname@rcsd.ca and the password is the same password used for their online class.

-          Course specific information about the exam will be posted in the course and/or shared by the teacher.


Writing the Exam - ONLINE PROCTORING

-          Students will log into their Teams meeting using the provided link.  Students should login and access the Teams Link 5 minutes prior to the exam time.

-         Once the exam has started the students will be placed in a Teams breakout room with their proctor.

-          The proctor will ask students to scan the room to verify that they are alone in the space and only have the resources approved for the exam.

-          The proctor will share the final exam password for that session.

-          During the exam, students must keep their cameras on at all times. Students who turn their cameras off may be penalized for that portion of their test or have their exam locked.  Students should be aware of their surroundings and what is visible during the test (i.e. a poster on a bedroom wall that would be considered inappropriate for school).

-          Like in a classroom, students are expected to complete the exam in one sitting and are not able to leave the exam session once it is started. Plan by having all your supplies with you (i.e. exam supplies, water bottle, snack, scratch paper, etc.) Please visit the washroom before you begin.

-          When you are done, please let the proctor know you have submitted your exam.  They will verify your test been received.  Once verified, you can log out of the course and Teams meeting.


Writing the Exam - IN-PERSON MATH EXAMS

-          Exams will take place in the library of the school.  Students should arrive 10 minutes prior to the exam start time.

-         Students should have all necessary supplies, including a calculator (not your phone), a pencil, eraser, and ruler.

-         Once you have completed your exam, you may leave.