Who is eligible to sign up for the online elementary program?

Current Regina Catholic Schools students who are unable to return due to health considerations are able to register in this program.  These health considerations extend to a student's family and those they are in close contact with.  

Is a doctor's note or other documentation required for registration?

We do not require medical documentation to register with our program.

I am not sure my child is eligible, what are my next steps?

If you are not sure if your child is eligible to sign up for a fully online program, reach out to learningonline@rcsd.ca.  We are happy to discuss programming options for Regina Catholic Students.

Program Outline

How is content delivered in the Elementary Program?

Content will be delivered using a combination of live lessons and pre-built content modules.  

What does a typical day look like?

We will follow a daily set schedule, using the Day 1 to 5 system.  Each day will start and end with a class meeting or check in.  Students will work on a variety of different subjects throughout the day.  A sample schedule is shown below.

Is there flexibility as to when my child logs in?

Students are required to log into the course each day and follow the set class schedule.  Attendance will be taken and recorded each day?

Are all activities online?

Much of the instruction and assessment will take place in our online environment.  There will some additional print material and other resources provided to students.

Is the curriculum covered in the through Learning Online?

Yes, students will be expected to complete all curricular outcomes.  Unlike supplemental learning, students are required to complete all course work and will be assessed on all outcomes.  Students will be issued a Regina Catholic Schools report card.  

How will classes be created?

Specific groupings will depend on staffing and enrollment numbers.  We anticipate the following split grades - 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8.

French Immersion

Will French Immersion be offered online?

All courses will be in English.  If staffing allows, we will look at offering French Language tutorials to provide immersion students the opportunity to practice their language skills.  Although we cannot commit to the tutorial at this time, we will send information to all of our French Immersion families if we are able to offer this option.

If my child takes the online programming in English this year, can they register back in French Immersion next year?

Yes, students who take Learning Online in English this year are able to return to their French Immersion school.

Resources and Supplies

What technology is required to participate in Learning Online classes?

Students will need to have access to a computer or tablet to participate in Learning Online courses.  Students will need to be able to use this device throughout the day.  Families are responsible for providing the appropriate technology.

Will my child require any other supplies?

A supply list will be made available prior to the school year.  


I am ready to register for Learning Online, what is the next step?

Open registration for Learning Online Elementary is no longer available.  Students who require an accommodation due to a medical concern, should reach out to their school principal.

On the registration form it asks for a student email, but they do not have one.  What should I put?

All Regina Catholic Schools students have access to a school email address.  It is firstname.lastname@rcsd.ca.  Students will receive instructions on how to log in and access email once courses begin.

On the registration form it asks for a Sask Learning ID.  What is this?

Each student has a unique Sask Learning ID.  You can by-pass this field by entering 000.  We will be able to look up this information for students.

I have filled in a registration form.  What happens next?

Immediately after filling in a registration form, parents will receive an email with a link to online permission forms.  If you did not receive this email, please check your junk or spam folder.  

Learning Online will send out additional information as the course start date gets closer.

General Questions

If things improve, can I send my child back to their school during the year?

Yes, we recognize that every situation is different and some students will be able to return to school before others.  Students are able to transition back to their school when the families are ready for them to do so.  However, once a student transitions back to their school, they may not be able to re-register with Learning Online.

How can I find out more information about the program?

Parent information nights and student orientations will take place towards the end of August and the beginning of September.  More information about these opportunities will be shared with families once the dates are set.

What is the first day of classes?

Classes will officially start on Tuesday, September 8.