For course selection below, you may select more than one course. If a course says 'Course Full' you may still register for it and you will be added to a waitlist for that course.

   Student is receiving school based EAL support.
   Student is receiving school based LR support.
   Student will be taking courses from another school division while attending Learning Online.
Please provide details in the Additional Information section below.

Tuition Fees and Rules
Tuition is waived for RCSD students and students who are 21 years of age or younger
and are not enrolled in classes with another school division.
$500.00 per course in Semester 1, $500.00 per course in Semester 2
$400.00 per Regular Summer Course, $240.00 per Summer Recovery Course

Additional Information (250 character limit)
(Special circumstances, learning resource/EAL supports, other schools or divisions, holidays, other.)