Midway Active Participation Practice

The Midway Active Participation Practice

If a student is to be successful in an online course, they must be actively working to complete their course.  Students with a mark of 50% or less one week after the Midway Point in a course will be in violation of the Midway Active Participation Practice.

Students in violation of this will have their accounts suspended and be contacted by the Assistant Principal of Learning Online requesting a meeting to discuss the inactivity.  The Assistant Principal reviews each individual situation and a student in violation of the practice can expect one or more of the following consequences, an academic contract, supervised work time, or course removal.  The Assistant Principal of Learning Online will make decisions on inactivity.

Students must respond to the request to create an academic plan within 72 hours of contact by the Assistant Principal of Learning Online.  Failure to respond will result in discontinuation from the course.

Last modified: Friday, 21 December 2018, 10:28 AM