How Does Learning Online Work?

Learning Online courses are asynchronous online courses.  This means that students are able to work through their classes at their own pace and have flexibility as to where and when they work on their course material.  Students are not required to log into the course at a specific time.  All course work is completed on the computer, with the exception of the mathematics finals, which are paper and pencil exams.

Each course has set due date guidelines that help students pace themselves through their course.  Students who fall behind the set pace of the course, will need to spend additional time working to get caught up.  Although there is some flexibility, all course work must be completed by the end of the semester.  The dates can be found on our calendar.  Students are able to work ahead in their course work and complete the class ahead of schedule.

Learning Online has an Midway Active Participation Policy, which can be found in the Learning Online Program Information Section.  According to this policy, one week after the midterm date, student who are not passing as a result of not completing 50% of the course content can be removed from their Learning Online course. 

Regular attendance in an online course is just as important as a face to face class.  The Learning Online Attendance Practice, which can be found in the Learning Online Program Information Section, states that students who do not log into their course for a time period of 20 consecutive days can be removed from the Learning Online course.

To help support our students, Learning Online sends out regular communications.  Teachers will periodically send progress reports to students and parents.  In addition to emails from teachers, Learning Online provides attendance reminders and emails to students who are not passing their course.   

Last modified: Tuesday, 11 September 2018, 11:41 AM