Learning Online Course Agreement

At the beginning of each course, students are required to complete the Learning Online Course Agreement.  This agreement outlines Learning Online's expectations and the behaviours that will help students to successfully complete their course.

Below is a copy of the agreement for your information.

- I have read and understand the RCSD Learning Online Procedures.

- I have read and understand the Learning Online Midway Active Participation Policy.

- I have read and understand the Learning Online Attendance Practice.

- I have read and understand the Learning Online Active Engagement Policy.

- I have read and understand the Characteristics of an Online Student Document.

- I understand that to be successful I need to spend at least five hours a week working on this course.

- I agree to regularly log into my course.

- I agree to be an active participant in my class by completing and submitting work.

- I understand that importance of academic integrity and acknowledge that there will be consequences for plagiarism.

- I understand that my online time is not a spare.

- I am aware of my teacher's office hours.

- I will contact my teacher if I need help with my course work.

- I understand that email will be the primary means of communication and agree to check my email regularly.

- I understand that I am responsible for my access to technology and will be proactive if a problem occurs.

- I agree to conduct myself in a manner that is consistent with RCSD values.

- I understand the course final must be submitted no later than 6:30 p.m. on Monday, January 21 and that extensions and exemptions will not be granted.

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